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Faerie Dust (MONEY)
Our Price: $1.20
6 in stock!
Rose Water - Salem's Own
Our Price: $4.50
20 in stock!
Healing Poppet Spell Kit
Our Price: $7.25
50 in stock!
Fast Luck Ritual Powder - Salem's Own
Our Price: $1.60
18 in stock!
Available in either 1/2 ounce or 1 (one) ounce jar of charged and blessed fairy dust created by Sharon herself. You can easily carry this jar around in your purse or pocket for sprinkling anytime you want. Use it at your altar too - to help conjure up the faeries when a little help is needed by them. This dust is green in color and contains multiple natural ingredients (oak powder is the main ingredient) focused on growing money and wealth. To attract love & affection, & to draw positive & promising conditions into your life. Use as a wash, add to the bath, or apply to the body for a light, refreshing scent. Also works great as a hand lotion to heal chapped hands when added to equal parts pure glycerin, & applied at bedtime. Wake up with smoother, softer hands. Apply every night, especially in cold weather, to help keep hands smooth. 2 fl. oz. This is one "Healing" poppet spell kit.  This spell comes from my own BOS and is proven effective.  You get everything you need in this kit to perform a healing poppet spell.  Kit includes complete detailed instructions and spell, poppet, healing herbs, healing oil, incense, candle, stone and taglock suggestions.  This spell can be for yourself or for someone else who needs healing, physical, emotional, mental... it works for any kind of healing needed.  The poppet comes lightly stuffed and open at the top to fit everything that you need. The poppet for healing will be any shade of blue, any shade of green or white. Custom made at Salem's Magick Shop. Available in both half and one ounce jars. A powerful ritual powder intended to aid in bringing luck and good fortune into your life. This powder can be used within your ritual magic and spells.
Our Price: $2.99
50 in stock!
Damnation Water - Salem's Own
Our Price: $4.50
20 in stock!
Cedar Smudge Stick 3-Pack
Our Price: $7.75
50 in stock!
Peacock Wing Feather
Our Price: $1.25
20 in stock!
A poppet is a doll that is used to represent a person. Poppets are often created for healing or protection. The “Voodoo Doll” is an example of a poppet. The poppet is created to symbolize the individual, and then is often filled with herbs, stones, or other magical items to bring about the manifestation of spell work. 2 fl. oz. (59ml) Plastic Bottle
Salem's Damnation Water can be used to send evil back or for revenge.  It can be added to any crossing powders to strengthen their effects or sprinkle on the sidewalk in front of your enemies home.
This three-pack provides you with three Cedar smudge sticks, bundled together so as to burn easily and produce purifying and cleansing smoke that can be fanned within your smudging ritual. Perfect for your rituals, spells and ceremonies, this peacock wing feather is great both as a quill pen and as a smudging feather.
Green Lodestone
Our Price: $2.50
50 in stock!
Stage 3 Beginner's Plus Kit
Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
Our Price: $110.00
5 in stock!
Stage 2 Beginner's Intermediate Kit
Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
Our Price: $92.00
5 in stock!
Money Mini Carry Sachet
Our Price: $2.35
50 in stock!
Green Lodestones are natural magnets & for many centuries have been used to charge spell items, primarily to attract things to the one using them -- good luck, healing, etc. Often two lodestones are carried: one to repel bad luck & one to attract good. Also used in charm bags.

You will receive a pair of lodestones of medium size OR several small lodestones for your spell workings. It depends on how they arrive to us from our supplier.  THEY ARE NOT SOLD BY WEIGHT!

** We sell lodestones food of various kinds in our store.
Save over 22% off with this combo!!  This combo contains 30 unique products bundled together in one deal!  Perfect for the agressive beginner! Kit includes everything sold in the Stage II Intermediate Kit PLUS - upgraded sheepskin parchment, white selenite wand, triple moon chalice, bat's blood ink, dove's blood ink, spell poppet, and a Candle Spells Book.  All of this PLUS free shipping automatic on this Combo. NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING!! Hassle Free!! This stage 2 Beginner's Intermediate Kit will get you on the right track to your new-found spirituality. This kit contains 23 separate products packaged together in one combo deal that not only saves you time and money, but is also frustration free, as this kit includes everything needed for spell work, rituals, and meditation. Plus you save over 15% by purchasing everything together in this combo - rather than all of the products seperate. (Not to mention saving on shipping!) This kit includes everything from the stage 1 kit plus upgraded candle holders, rain water, upgraded quill and parchment paper. Also adds a 6" athame, cauldron, charcoal, resin, sand,  offering bowl and more. Add this to your cart to see a full listing of all products. Mini 2" MONEY sachet, these little sachets are filled with money attracting herbs that are proven to attract money to you.  This is a perfect size to carry in your pocket! I use a lot of energy and  power making these sachets.   Give it a try! You won't regret it.  Hold sachet when you receive it and charge it with your energy, meditate about your money need while holding it and direct the energy towards the goal.  Carry it with you everywhere.  At night you can keep it on your altar or place under your pillow.  Each one comes with a charm that is also charged, charms may be different from the picture.

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